Curriculum Ideas-Patterning

When I was teaching in the classroom, I would constantly see my children making patterns out of EVERYTHING! I was walking through my classrooms the other day and noticed I saw NO ONE making patterns...and thinking about it, I can't recall the last time I had seen it. Of course, the simple way to make patterns is on the calendar. 30 days of making patterns with shapes, colors, or anything else. But what else can we make patterns out of?
Well, there is the standard stringing beads or counting bears; but I want to make patterns elsewhere as well.
Lining up boy girl boy girl. How about more complex: 2 boys 1 girl
Standing according to our shoes: laces, velcro, slip ons
How about in the sand box: dig a hole, pile the sand, dig a hole, pile the sand
Obstacle courses: Over, under, around, over, under, around
Setting the table: napkin, fork, plate, cup, repeat

What ideas do you have?

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