Book of the Week-Twinkle Twinkle Little Start

I was first introduced to Iza Trapani through Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I loved her version of the song! The girl I was a nanny to at the time also loved the book. We would read it over and over. It's an excellent bed time story. The pictures are soft and comforting. They really fit well with the words. She also takes you on a different adventure for the song. What would it be like to be a star? What would you see? Where would you go? Well, this is a peek into those answers. She has several books in which she took popular children's songs and added or changed the verses to take you on all sorts of adventures. One great thing is that she includes the original verse at the beginning and the end. After that, everything in between is consistent with the rhythm and rhyme of the original verse. These are fabulous books that have brought many happy story times, bed times, and reading times. Of course, because they are songs, the children easily memorize them and are able to read them to you themselves. If you are completely "tune" deaf (can't remember the tune to save your life), the music is in the back of the book...which may not do you much good since most people who are "tune"deaf are also tone deaf and can't read music anyway!

Again, I just wish there was a picture of the author/illustrator on the book, but alas, it hasn't caught on yet. So, just for you, here is her picture:

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