Things Homemade Friday-Feely Bags

Today in "things homemade" is a great science table item. Our science tables are always full of many different items, and they are available to the children at all times. Our three year olds have been talking about the color white. They have also been exploring different materials in science (mixing baking soda and water; baking soda and vinegar; flour and vinegar; etc...). So, the teacher has made the great feely bags:

It is real simple to make, and very versatile. Get as many zip lock bags as you will be making, find things to fill them with. Make sure you don't fill them too much, and try and keep out the air. These ones (looking for white things) are filled with the following: Flour, white paint, paste, and baking soda and vinegar. Label each one. Depending on your class, you may need to get some clear packing tape and tape the top of them so they don't get opened. This class doesn't need it.
This can also be an activity do make with the children. Having them fill their bags and tape them up. Then they can be taken home.
I have seen some toddler classrooms do this and then tape the bags to the walls, giving the children something to feel that way.
One other variation I have used is to fill these with some sort of squishy material (i.e. shaving cream, glop, etc...) and then added a drop each of two different colors. As the children squish the bags, the colors mix together.

Notes to remember:
Know your group of children and what they can handle to determing if they need to be taped shut.
Use the "tape it to the wall" scenario if your children are oral explorers so they don't bit the bags open and choke on the pieces.
Fill the bags with things that are safe for the children, and easily wiped up if spilled...There will be at least one bag that will get a hole in it and spill everything out.

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