Saturday's Book of the Week-Mortimer

Many people are familiar with Robert Munsch. He has written several children's books. One of the most popular with adults is Love you forever. A very heartwarming story that brings tears to most mother's eyes. However, my first real introduction to Robert Munsch was to the book Mortimer. I was introduced to this book 8 years ago, and so began my obsession with Robert Munsch's books.
What makes his books, especially Mortimer, so great is the predictability of the story. The repetition of the words is key. Toddlers enjoy these books because of the repetition in them. Preschoolers love them because they get to "read along" while you read it; and eventually can read it all on their own.
Mortimer is also a great books for adults. I have used it to teach parents during bedtime workshops. See, Mortimer sings really loud, at the top of his lungs, every time someone comes up to tell him to be quite...the second they get downstairs, he's singing. In the end, it's when the adults all are too busy arguing with each other that Mortimer finally falls asleep waiting for someone to come up.
Robert Munsch has mastered the ability to create stories that children love and memorize to read on their own (a precursor to learning to read later in school). However, the stories are such that nobody gets tired of hearing it over and over. My copy of Mortimer has been used for 8 years so much that the pages are all taped together more than once. It is always a hit when I read it, and asked for when it's not around.
As I read it to a group, I allow them to finish the sentences for me; they know what's coming. It also plays with the tones and volumes of voices: quiet when a person is going down the stairs, loud when we are singing! The children love this as well.
Since my introduction to Robert Munsch books, I have yet to find one I don't enjoy; however Mortimer is still my favorite.

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