Saturday book of the week- Down by the Station

I have many books I enjoy reading. I have many different types of favorites: my favorite circle book, rhythm book, favorite by an author, etc... However, my all time favorite children's picture book is Down by the Station by Will Hillenbrand published in 1999. This is my favorite because there are so many stories going on at once.
First, there is the obvious lyrics (yes lyrics). This uses the song Down by the Station using zoo animals. Sing it loud and proud! This is a great book to also introduce baby animal names.
Second thru one hundredth there are the pictures! Every time I look at this book, I discover something new. There is a clue on each page that shows where the train will go next. The train drives from right to left (natural progression of reading a book). There is a red balloon floating through the book as well (the monkey let's it go at the very beginning. You can follow the school bus in the back ground as well (a clue to where the book will end).
Watch the monkey throughout the book, the little penguin, the animal keeper, the conductor, each animal, all the trouble these little guys get into.
A child who has never seen this book and cannot yet read will be able to tell a story with it. A child who has heard the book read/sung, will easily be able to retell it...they will also be able to make up their own story as well.
I cannot tell you enough how much I enjoy this book. This is an essential book to have in every library. Will Hillenbrand hit it out of the park when he wrote and illustrated this book!

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