Curriculum Ideas-Science Table Colors

I wish I had a picture to show you; however I can't find one...so use your imagination! My all time favorite science tables I set up in my classroom involved colors. The first time was really my test of my new teaching style of trusting children. We were talking about colors and mixing colors and all that. On the wall I stapled a white Cotton sheet about my shoulder level and draped it under the table an out (to make a place for them to stand on). On the floor, I ran tape around the edges to hold it in place. On the table I placed three spray bottles with colored water (red, blue, yellow). Red, blue, and yellow were the only colors I had on the table. I had a glass vase with a wide mouth filled with cotton balls. Next to it were three bowls filled with colored water and eye dropper. On the other side of the table, I had a bowl full of baking soda (yes it was a glass bowl as well). I used a water color tray and filled every other well with colored vinegar.
This is a free choice area, so the children were allowed to explore freely. The only thing (as to giving boundaries to the children) was to introduce the activities at circle time in the morning and to have an adult close by for the first day to redirect. The children were instructed that the water was to only e sprayed on the sheet, and the water bottles were to only be used at the table. If they were empty, they were to let a teacher know. That's it!
Now, this was my first attempt at "trusting" children. I had some difficult children as well. I was shocked at how well it went, and that gave me the courage to continue on this quest. I have never looked back. Actually, it seems the more "challenging" a child is, the better they are with the more "fragile" items.
A few things to remember:
Be sure that you have plenty of extra supplies. Replenish as necessary. Start each day with a new round of supplies. Check at nap time if they need to be changed and do so accordingly. And of course, fill the water and vinegar as needed. The first day they will go through everything in about 1 minutes. By the 5th day, things will probably last the whole day.
Email me if you try this and let me know how it goes! Or, email me with other science tables yo have set up!

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