I do a lot of my shopping for the center at the Dollar Tree. This is a fabulous store to get many fun items. And everything is just a dollar! When I as parents for donations, I also refer them to the dollar store. If we need crayons, puzzles, bowls, buckets, etc.. It can usually be found there. One thing that I discovered recently was that they have CD's! I bought a couple, not sure what I was going to be getting, to try out. I am greatly impressed! The music is fun and recognizable. They use songs that are used come from pop culture and are sung reasonably well. To be honest, I was afraid that the music on these discs would be some bad singing by children who have no talent whatsoever; I have a few of those CD's. I was very pleasantly surprised and I will be going out to find more CD's from them as well. The children also seem to like the CD, as they keep asking for it to be played repeatedly; as opposed to another CD.
The other nice thing about buying CD's for a dollar? I don't get so nervous about the children scratching them as they handle them. After all, it was only a buck! And I have my radio at child level with a book of CD's available so that they can decide what they want to listen to.

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