Curriculum Ideas-Negative Art

This weeks idea is simple. It is an art activity today. Supplies needed will be paint, masking tappe, paper, painbrushes or paint rollers, and of couse children! I always introduce the children to available activities at circle time. If anything needs explination, this is where I give it to them. The art table is a place for them to be creative; if you can't let a child make their own decisions on their art, walk away from the table. This is a place to be creative, not a place to creat what you want them to create!
Okay, off that soap box onto the activity. Basically, they tear off a strip of masking tape, as long or short as they want, and put it onto their paper. Them can put as much or as little as they like. Once they have the tape where they want it, the paint the paper, making sure to go over the tape. When they are done painting the paper, again as much or as little as they like, they take off the masking tape. As they get better at this, some will begin to make pictures with the tape before painting over it; creating great negative space art work.
Send me pictures of the art work that was created this way, I'll post them here.

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