Sick days?

There are no sick days in preschool, right?  Preschool teachers are one of those breeds that never get sick, right?  Preschool teachers are super-humans who never call in sick, even if their head is going to eplode, right?

Yeah, that's why I went to work today.  I have a responsibility to the children and the classrooms!  They will sink without me!  The children will go into a frenzy!

Okay, I'm not in the classroom; however the only reason I showed up today was specifically because I knew someone needed my help with a task that could only be done today and was required to be done today.

However, it got me thinking to when I was in the classroom.  I think there was only 2 days that I had a sick day and both of those days I was sent home the day before.  At least then I could prepare the children for Miss Jenni being out, right?

The fact of the matter is this: the children are the ones who got us sick and really, if we were home we are such busy people that laying around in bed is NOT an option so, we might as well go in and play for the day, right?

Yes, if you are really sick you should stay home; but the preschool teachers are just people who really don't call in sick very often, right?  Am I the only one?

Note:  The first time I was sent home/asked to go home I ended up going to the doctor (something I never do) and had a double ear infection and was put on antibiotics.  It was a Tuesday before Thanksgiving and it literally took me until that Saturday to begin to feel better.  The second time I was sent home I ended up at the doctor again on the way home and, the next morning, I woke up with a 105 temp...they almost put me in the hospital.

All this to say that when I get sick, it's rare, but I know how to do it right!  Today is a horrible head cold, but I have a very busy 10 days coming up with family and friend visitors; I just want to be in bed healing...I'm going home early!

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