Is there a difference in severity of a teacher losing a child (who was left alone in the classroom) and not having a clue where he is for 5 minutes versus 45 minutes?

Story behind it is to come after I hear some responses :)


Anonymous said...

Should the severity of the loss be greater? There is not enough information in this question. As an Early Childhood Educator I have had children hiding in the bathroom of my classroom, or another teacher having taken them and there was a miss communication (or lack of). Also there have been times in my Child Development Center where a child has left the room to see another class. It depends of what happened really. Like everything in our feild it is circumstancial, nothing is black and white.

Jenni said...

The question is intentionaly vague to see what types of circumstances a person in this field might see as severe or not.

There is a black and white when it comes to licensing. In my experiences with licensing (at least in California) the question quickly becomes, "what were the disciplinary actions that were taken in this situation?" no matter the circumstances.

I have taken my licks in write ups for circumstances that happened and there were "circumstancial" reasons for it to happen; the issue really becomes what will you do to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

We learn from our mistakes, but there is always a consequence to the actions. Does the circumstance matter whether a parent is "understanding" when they are informed versus the parent being angry or upset?

Unfortunately in life there are times when things can be black and white; I'm just curious what you readers' see as circumstances that would be or not be the case here.

(Hope I don't sound too harsh in my response, I do love an open, lively, and respectful conversation on topics such as these).

Barbra Stephens said...

As a director I would want to know what and why this happened (A child left alone). It would make the difference between we sending a teacher home that day or termination. Yes, things do happen...but when a persons job is to supervise and it is not done it puts everyone on alert.
I would never want anyone to have a casual attitude about losing a child. For me, diciplinary action has always followed.