Still Here

I just want to stop in real quick and remind you all that I am here. I really am. Things have been INSANE at work and home. As I mentioned the last post, we are in the process of moving (my husband and I) and it's been a bit insane. Neither one of us is going to be home Saturday and it leaves us just ONE WEEKEND to get EVERYTHING moved into our new place.

On top of that, I have THREE MAJOR projects at work that are all due literally in the same week...starting with this Saturday! We are putting on a 4 hour training...or I should say I am putting on a 4 hour training as a representative of our agency. Insane!

So, I will be posting, but very sporadically for a couple weeks. I plan on getting back to daily posts coming in March. That's onl a little over a week away, you can all handle that right?

If you've stopped by, let me know...leave me some comment love, would you? Let me know that I still have SOME readers sticking around through this rough patch?


Claire said...

Hope the move is going well - I'm sure when you're settled into your new home, all the stress will have been worthwhile!

The Honorable Mention said...

Hi Jenni,
I can relate. I pray all goes happy and well with your transition. Changes can be a bit rocky to start with-I had a recent move myself and did a major purge along with it.
Sigh...I had I weekend to move, too.
You are very intelligent and I have learned quite a bit from you in our blogosphere convo's.
Very warm wishes to you and your husband and all your household and work. It's very needful.