Book of the Week -

Title: Family Meals Hop-a-Lot’s First Steps to Fitness

Author: Dianne Warren

Illustrator: Amy Lindman

Summary: A book that has tips for parents to provide a healthy eating lifestyle for their children while children hear a story about healthy eating.

Review:  I picked this book up the other day while I was at a center and began flipping through the pages.  I fell in love with it immediately. 

This book tells the children about healthy eating and how important it is to eat healthy.  What makes this book, however, is the tips on every page for the parents.  Every tip and explanation is fabulous!  It talks about the importance of eating at the table together as a family. 

It tells how important it is to eat together and choose HEALTHY items, how children need to be introduced to food 21 times before forming an opinion on the food, how talking at the table is important to establish social skills, how to involve children in cooking meals and in shopping for foods.

I can tell you without a doubt I will be using this book for trainings with my staff as well as with the parents.  A fabulous book!

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