The surprising activity

I had to sub in a classroom the other day and had a group of children who are known for NOT joining in circle time.  I knew that circle would have to be active, engaging, and a full body experience.

We started with Head-Shoulders-Knees-and-Toes (forwards and backwards and super-duper-fast!).

We went to the Dinosaur song (lots of roaring and yelling, but ends on a quiet note).

We quickly did the calendar and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM participated as we read the pattern and counted how many.

We talked about the letter of the week (Z).  We practiced writing it in the air with our fingers.

I looked out into the environment and noticed that the assistant teacher was not yet done setting up the environment.  So, quick, I had to come up with another activity that would take up some time.

One child, Jacob, was sitting right in the middle of circle.  I told him, “Jacob, lay down.  Make yourself very very straight!”  I helped him get in a perfect straight line and told him to stay there.

I went to the next active child and had him lay with his head right next to Jacob at a 45 degree angle.  Then I chose another child to do the same at his feet.

The one child left who was active and was by this point standing next to me, I said, “What do they look like?”

The letter z!

Good job!

Nope, classroom not ready yet.  Quick, what will be next…oh, wait!  They are ALL asking for a turn!

We made the letter Z with their bodies 4 times!  They loved it!  They totally surprised me!

A group that is very active and has no interest in interacting with each other just yet LOVED this activity!

Have you ever had an activity that surprised you at how well it worked?

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