Getting down

I was in a training today and we watched a video with a child who was having a melt-down while the teacher was trying to get him inside.

My supervisor turned to me and said, “So, what do you do when you get into that situation?  A child just goes all spaghetti limbed on you and you have to get in to stay in ratio.”

My first response was to call for help and ask the supervisor to cover for you in the classroom…NOT with the child, with the classroom (this works for the teacher or the assistant).

You have to have the support you need to deal with the child and not have to worry that everything is falling apart with all the other children.

My second response is very simple…crouch down!

Bend your knees, and crouch down to their level.  Keep your air of authority about you, hold out your hand and say, “It’s time to go in.”

Then just wait.  Wait until he is ready to go and takes your hand.

Many times that’s all it takes, occasionally you have to be ready to jump up and run as he runs the other way, and often you need to wait a WHILE.

Most important, though, is to crouch down.  Hunker down for the long haul, so don’t just bend at the waste.  Me prepared to hunker for a good while so get comfortable and stay at their level.

You’ll see the sweet success!

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