Fun Days-Teddy Bear Picnic

We often have different “themed” days in some classrooms.  Pajama day is always a fun one, and popular.

One day, however, I saw a great day in a classroom that almost made me wish I was still a lead teacher in the classroom just so I could implement it…almost, I love what I do.

They had a Teddy Bear Picnic day!

What did this entail?  Many FUN activities full of intentionality!

Everyone brings in their teddy bears.  If someone doesn’t have a teddy bear, that’s okay because the teacher had LOTS of extras!  If they forgot or didn’t have one, they were able to pick one to be theirs for the day.

The teddy bears are the children’s “students” for the day and the get to/must bring them around and share their activities with them. 

In the blocks, teddy bears were the receivers of beds made just for them…to size. 

In the dramatic play area, well, what teddy bear doesn’t LOVE coffee, cake, and plastic pizza?

During circle, they sat in a circle according the the teddy bears size!   This was a great math activity to start off and then having the responsibility of “keeping your teddy bear quiet” brought a new attention span to even the most wiggly child.

Circle time consisted of reading/singing the Teddy Bear Picnic book and going around the circle introducing the teddy bear to the rest of the group (name, favorite food, age).

At one of the tables, there were pieces of fabric, scissors, and patterns to make clothes for their bears…if they wanted.  There was one teacher close by to HELP the children stitch the things together with fat needles and thread.  Yes, the teacher allowed them to SEW with REAL needles!  Awesome practice in trusting the children!

At another table, if they so chose, the children had a picnic making activity.  Teddy bears and their owners spent time making sandwiches (math/patterning, fine motor, reading recipes), filling baggies with carrots (counting), and filling baskets with small group numbers of sandwiches, carrot bags, applesauce cups, plastic spoons, paper cups, napkins, plates, and pitchers of milk (community, counting, sorting, spacial awareness).

During outdoor time, teddy bears rode on tricycles going through obstacle courses, built sand castles, and went on…wait for it…a BEAR HUNT!  It was an awesome obstacle course!

Lunch was a picnic out on the grass!

Nap time was a breeze for the simple matter that the children didn’t want to wake their bears.

It was an awesome day!

What kind of fun days do you have?


Theresa Milstein said...

My children had stuffed animal days when they were in younger grades, and they have school-wide pajama day a couple of times a year.

When I was an assistant in the fifth-grade, one teacher took pajama day a step further. She had a book-reading day. They read quietly on the rug and on cushions, she read aloud, and the students gave summaries of the books they were reading. It was a big literacy day, and the students loved it.

I'm sure something similar could be done for younger kids, like adding Dr. Seuss videos to watch, kids bringing in their favorite picture books to share, drawing a picture from a scene of their favorite books, and the like.

Jenni said...

Sounds fun!

Our pajama days need to be a bit more active with the preschoolers, but we do make is about literacy. We have the children bring in their favorite books to share with the class and spend the day cuddling up with the books in the library, reenacting the books in dramatic play and blocks, and creating our own stories with dictation and drawings.

Oh, and of course we have to add breakfast for lunch. Usually pancakes, sausage, fruit, and hashbrowns.