Creative Fine Motor Skills

Children, especially toddlers, love to be big helpers, don’t they?  They love to know that they are contributing and are important.

One of my favorite activities to do when I was a toddler teacher was to bring household tasks into the classroom.  One of their absolute favorites was to hang “laundry”.

You need to be careful and not hang this right in the middle of a walkway; without fail someone will walk right into it and that isn’t any good.

I liked to use to sturdy chairs that wouldn’t tip when we began adding weight.  Or, if you have a corner, hang it across the corner of the room or fence outside.  This way you can have children on either side of the line.

Hang the rope low enough that they can easily reach it, about their shoulder height. 

Bring in some clothes pins, gather a bunch of washcloths, and let them at it!

Of course, put everything in a real laundry basket to make it more real for them.  In the summers I would fill one sensory table with soapy water and one with clear water close to the line so it really felt like they were washing the clothes and then hanging them to dry.

This is an activity that will take up HOURS of play.  They love it.

As they become more adept at hanging washcloths, add small shirts and socks and shorts.  They will really feel like they are accomplishing something; plus it’s fun!

What fun household tasks do you bring to the classroom and turn into a fun activity?

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