Cooking Projects-Mashed Potatoes

Seriously, make mashed potatoes with the children.  It can’t be a better activity for those very active children.

It will also be a great test of your trust for the children because you have to let them use real tools.

Get out the potato peelers.  It works on their fine motor skills and all that.  Show them how to use them, work with them when they need help, and just keep a close eye.  Potato peelers, if you get the right kind (really the cheap ones work because they don’t have those pointy ends to take the eye of the potato out…(or the eye of the children).

Get a pot full of water and you will have to cut the potatoes because, let’s face it, no matter how much you trust the children, sharp knives are still a big no!  Even if it’s one-on-one with them.  You don’t want to give the children the idea that they can EVER touch a knife. 

Have them put the potato pieces in the pot of water and boil the potatoes until soft.  I actually did this in the classroom with an electric skillet, we just kept an adult by the pot at all times.

Once they are done, drain the potatoes, put them into bowls, and hand the kids mashers.  Let them go at it!  This is probably the most fun part for the children.  Add the milk, butter, salt, etc… (Put all the mashed potatoes into the same pot to mix it all up).

ENJOY!  We usually eat these as part of lunch.  Really, it takes us that long to make them.  When you make mashed potatoes at home, it is much faster.  I promise.  This will take you about an hour, if not more! 

The children will eat tons of mashed potatoes and now they have a life skill that they will be able to use forever.  It’s healthy, too!

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