Book of the Week-Close Encounters of the Third Grade Kind

thirdgrade2-1 Title: Close Encounters of the Third Grade Kind

Author: Phillip Done

Summary: A collection of stories and tales from his experiences teaching third graders. 

Review:  This is a book for adults.  Not in the sense of the material that is not appropriate for children, only in the sense of it being a chapter book and written for adults…specifically, for teachers.

No, I think anyone will enjoy this book; but I think only teachers will be able to relate to every single story.  It doesn’t matter which age group you teach.  I find myself nodding my head in recognition of stories, and I teach preschool children.

It is a very enjoyable story and keeps you chuckling all the way through.  This is a great book for teachers, parents, and any adult who enjoys children.


Phillip Done

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