The old and the new

With the new year starting now is a great time to do some curriculum on the old and new.

Do some matching games.  Have pictures of OLD cars and cars from today!

Put pictures up of the children with their grandparents.

Even more fun, put OLD pictures of the children up (as babies) next to pictures of them today.

Take a class trip to a local nursing home and visit some elderly people.  Plan this in advanced with the home and have books available for the elderly people to read to the children.  It’s also fun to have things like play dough and paints as well.

If you can’t take a class trip, ask some elderly people to come in and volunteer in the classroom.  Have them come and read books to the children and participate.  Some children don’t have grandparents around and they love it.  The grandparents also love spending time with the children.

This is a time to talk about how things change and grow.  Look at those seeds that were planted, grew, gave us fruit, and are not dead and used as fertilizer for the next planting season.

What activities do you do to introduce children to old and new?

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