More Safety

I am currently working on creating some safety trainings; therefore, you all get to benefit the monster of safety it has made me.  Today’s will be easy:

Slips trips and falls!

There is really one way to avoid all of them:


When you see a spill (like milk) on the floor, wipe it up immediately.  Don’t wait until the end of the meal to wipe it up when children, who are already a bit clumsy, are clearing their plates and not watching where they are going and then end up slipping on the wet spot.

We have a saying at our agency, “Don’t stand on the freeway!”  Basically it means, “Don’t stand in the bike path!”  When you are outside, make sure you aren’t standing in the middle of the bike path.  Step back a couple steps so that you aren’t in the pathway.

Use step ladders appropriately.  NEVER NEVER NEVER use a chair!  Use a stepstool and make sure not to step on the top step unless there is something to brace yourself.

These are the type of injuries that are easily avoided if you are just aware.  On occasion, there may be an incident when a child steps behind you and you don’t realize it.  Just be aware and you’ll stay safe!

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