Do you know what these are?


stuffed animals


It’s that item that a child carries around with him or her EVERYWHERE and is a comfort item.

I once had a child who carried around his mother’s lengerie.  Not kidding.  He had one of his mom’s sexy little outfits that he carried around with him.

I’m sure it had more to do with the fact that it was silk and soft and smooth, but it was his lovie.

Children should be allowed to have these with them.  See, eventually, they will slowly detatch from them; however they won’t separate from them until they don’t need that comfort.  If a child is holding tight to that lovie then you need to look very carefully at how that child is being incorporated into the classroom and how much support that child is getting in helping to get comfortable in that environment…and busy.

Once a child gets comfortable and busy, that lovie ends up getting in the way and they confidently will put it in their cubby for the time being.  It’s okay.  Let them carry their lovies.

Oh, and a tip, when the lovie is a full size blanket take that blanket, fold it lengthwise into thirds then roll it up like a sleeping bag,  Get a roll of masking tape out and tape around it to keep it rolled up.  This way it’s not getting caught on shelves, in doors, and getting tripped over.

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