Heart Warming

We have a child who is enrolled at one of our centers; he has one older brother.  He lives with his mom. She barely has enough to put food on the table.  She doesn’t have a Christmas tree or presents this year because she can’t afford them.

She’s not the only one.  She IS the only one who’s husband was killed in an accident this year. 

Our children are all recipients of Toys-for-Tots.  I LOVE seeing the looks of appreciation on parents’ faces when they get that ONE toy to put under their tree for their child.

This boy?  He and his family are getting so much more.  This boys family, unbeknownst to him and his brother, have been adopted by an organization.  This boy?  He’s getting a bike…and more.

When mom came to pick him up we pulled her into the office to show her what was coming for her boys.  She sat down and cried in appreciation.

I can be considered cold-hearted at times because I don’t let emotions show.  I got teary-eyed today.  Not just from her reaction, but because I also know that it’s not all.  I also know that tomorrow people will come to her home with a tree and decorations.  I also know that those presents for her boys are not all that is in store for her family.

I LOVE my job…who wouldn’t when you become part of stories like this? 

These boys are getting a BIKE for Christmas!  They don’t have a bike.

It won’t bring back dad, but it will make it a bit easier to get through for them.

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