Book of the Week-Too Many Tamales

TamalesTitle: Too Many Tamales

Author: Gary Soto

Illustrator: Ed Martinez

Summary: While helping cook Christmas tamales, a young girl tries on her mother's diamond ring and later realizes the ring is missing. It must be in the tamales.

Review:  This is an all around must have book in the classroom or home.  A very charming tale of a little girl who is wearing her mother’s wedding ring.  Then, when making tamales she realizes the ring is gone.  The way to find it?  Well, eat the tamales until you find them of course!

This book is so much fun and so real.  This is a story that could easily happen to any child.  This is a tale that stretches across to every child and every culture.  Any child reading this will be able to connect with the story.

The pictures are beautiful.  These are pictures that could easily be in an art museum and tell such a fabulous story in a gorgeous way. 

This book is so well rounded and fabulous, I am actually surprised it never won any awards.

I would have to say, however, that teachers need to refrain from reading this at circle time.  This is a book to be enjoyed in small groups while sitting in the library area.  It’s too long for circle; but please, enjoy this book over and over again with the children and families!

gary sotoGary Soto

ed martinez  Ed Martinez

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