We, as a profession, have to be multi-taskers.  We must be able to do many things at one time AND do even more than that.  We have to be able to tell where 24 children are at any given times, which one’s need to use the potty, which ones just DID use the potty, which ones are fighting over THAT red truck while these ones are over here fighting over a book, and this one is in the bathroom vomiting every where, while this one needs help tying his shoe and that one needs to get her jacket on.

Yes, we are multi-taskers by trade.  Oh, on TOP of all that, those of us who work in funded locations also need to add to that all sorts of paperwork and assessments.  When do we find the time to do that paperwork?

Well, if you are like any typical location, we SAY during prep time but prep time is NOT a time away from the classroom or children.  Some overly dedicated teachers take prep time while they scarf down lunch, yes I will admit to doing that on occasion, but not all the time.

No, most of my paperwork got done during nap time.

But Jenni, what about those children who need their backs rubbed?  What about those children who are up and down throughout nap time?

Yes, there is a bit more multi-tasking going on at that time as well.  The solution?  Make yourself mobile.  I always had a file box filled with all the children's portfolios and everything I needed for paperwork.  That file box then joined me as I sat next to that child who needed a bit extra attention.  I could use it as a desk, keep a spare hand patting backs in rhythm, and get all my work done.

The rhythm?  Oh it goes something like this: pat-pat-rub down back once-put hand on paper to write a quick word or two-repeat.

Yes, we are multi-taskers by nature.  A teacher doesn’t cross that line of being a Teacher until they can complete assessment, rub backs, and create lesson plans all at the same time…it’s a skill that just can’t be taught.

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