Do you allow lovies in your classrooms?  Or do you insist that those stay home?  Of do you try for a happy medium and allow them but they can only be taken out at nap time?

What is the purpose of a lovie?  It’s to help comfort and soothe a child who may be apprehensive about their environment or might have a bit of separation anxiety.

So if you only allow lovies to be out at naptime, does that mean that is the only time a child needs to be comforted?  No!  That’s almost a ridiculous claim, right?

Why are we so gun hoe about not allowing lovies in the classrooms?  Because there has to be enough of all items for everyone?  Because we don’t allow toys from home?

I do allow lovies.  I allow them, and other toys, to be brought in and used to comfort.  Slowly, as with pacifiers, lovies get left behind and end up in the cubbies.  However, we have to allow the children to break themselves of the need for a lovie on their own. 

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