Following Rules

Here’s a tip:

If YOU don’t follow the rules, you can’t expect those you SUPERVISE to follow rules.

Oh, that also translates into the CHILDREN won’t follow the rules either.

So, STOP sitting on the tables if you don’t want the children to climb on the tables.  STOP walking around with your coke and eating in front of the children.  STOP tossing things onto the shelf or into the box (they will see you throwing the toys).

It’s that simple.  Be very careful about what you MODEL for both the CHILDREN in the environment and the ADULTS.

The adults include Assistant teachers AND PARENTS as well (and even sometimes the supervisor of the center).  You need to set an example!

(Note:  this is motivated NOT by teachers at our centers but rather at the teachers at a center that I passed by the yard and heard the teachers reprimanding the children for something that another teacher was currently doing.  Not that our teachers are perfect, but we have strict rules about sitting on tables and eating in the classroom)

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