Emergency Drills

We have a fire drill every month at our centers.  You know, set off the alarm, get all the children out of the building in as much of an orderly way as possible, each classroom gets their children assembled together and counted to make sure they are all there.  You know all that fun stuff?

In the preschool classrooms, as you know, it’s not that easy.  You have some children who just want to run around the yard, some children who follow all directions, and then those children (mostly the newest or the youngest) who scream their heads off because they are so scared of that loud noise.

The more you practice, the easier it gets for those criers.

I had once heard, and follow, this one tip:  When you gather the children, sit them so they are facing away from the building.  Their backs should be to the building.

Why?  Because this way you minimize them witnessing something drastic happening to the building…their safe place, the place where they come everyday and nothing drastically bad happens to them.

Let’s minimize that in an emergency, right?

The thing is, however, you need to practice this during drills as well.  You should also have a bag right by the door that has a couple books in it just so you have more things to distract their attention away from what’s going on behind them.  Sing, dance, read books!  Whatever you can do to keep them distracted and NOT afraid of what is happening.

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