Art imitates Life

I have been a long-time reader of this blog/cartoon. It features a five year old boy named Georgie who is the perfect example of a young boy. The artist and creator (George Sfarnas) has been kind enough to allow me to post this cartoon to illustrate what I mean:
Do you see what I mean? I love this cartoon. Is this not exactly something that we find in our classrooms every day? They can come in with any band-aid on and, when asked about it, we find out that they just like the band-aid.

Or, they come running up because they NEED a band-aid right here on this 10 day old scab!

Sound familiar? Go check out Being Five (and his other cartoons as well). They are awesome!


Losing Myself said...

Sounds like a typical kid. Great cartoons.

Wrighty - said...

Oh that is so true! When my kids were little we went through tons of band-aids! And the cartoon versions aren't cheap so I would only buy those on sale. When I still taught gym class everybody "needed" band-aids all of the time. Of course I was never cooler than when I was wearing my kids' Sponge Bob band-aids (because that's all we had) and one of their Batman watches (because mine was broken). Who would'a thunk it??