Book of the Week: The Big Hungry Bear

Title: The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear

Author: Audrey Wood
Illustrator: Don Wood

Review: I can't believe that this wasn't one of the first books that I reviewed. This is one of my top ten books. Actually, this is the MUST HAVE book for all toddler classrooms. This is the book that I buy all my nieces, nephews, godchildren, etc.. on their first birthday. This is the book that I have had to buy three different times because it has worn out that many times. This is the book that makes me smile just looking at the cover.

I have no "childhood memory" with this book. As a matter of fact, I didn't know this book existed until halfway through my college years. I recognized the charm in it immediately. The children love it; they feel as if they are part of the story. There is a look in their eyes that I have only seen when reading this book; every child gets the look. The amazed, in awe, I can't believe I am in this mouse's world, look.

Don and Audrey Wood both have a special knack for creating some amazing children's books. I have many favorites that have their names (together and separate) on the cover. But of all the books, this one is still my favorite.

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