Book of the Week-A Beasty Story

A Beasty Story by Bill Martin Jr and Steven Kellogg
There comes a time when a blogger sits down and looks at the list of "book of the week" that she has written in the past and is struck with awe that she doesn't have a single book by Steven Kellogg! Seriously! Second to Robert Munsch, he has got to be another favorite! I would have started with the one about the bird (that'll come next week); but seeing as he was the illustrator not author, I will save that for the follow up. Let's go with the other favorite from him: A Beasty Story.
Now, I know he co-wrote it with Bill Martin, Jr; but it still counts and it is one of my favorites. One of the reasons I like this book so much is the pictures. I love books that show a whole story in the pictures. If you look closely at the pictures in the beginning you will be let in on the joke in the end. It's another fabulous book that tells more than just the words on the page. The pictures tell a whole other tale on their own.
This is a book that every classroom should have, every child should have, and it so much fun around this time of year.
There are so many fine details in this book (number sense, colors, counting, fun, etc...) I can't begin to describe the greatness.
There is, as usual, no picture of the authors so here you go:
Steven Kellogg

Bill Martin, Jr.

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Captain Nick Sparrow said...

I teach first grade and my kids love this story! It's great for reviewing colors, and they are always surprised at the ending.