Changing your schedule

What do you do when the children in your preschool classroom aren't responding. Do they take a long time before finally focusing at circle in the morning? At gathering time before lunch, do they not participate? Do they just have a difficult time settling down after breakfast? Well, there is a simple solution, but difficult for some to make:

Change your classroom schedule!

If they have a hard time settling for group gathering in the morning, change it to music and movement; put group gathering later in the day. Maybe even after nap time. This group may just have a hard time because they are too energized when they come in.

Have a group that doesn't participate in gathering just before lunch, save it for after nap. Maybe they are just too tired and hungry to focus and participate; and they are just looking forward to that rest time.

What about the group that can't seem to settle in after breakfast? Take them outside for an hour and then come in to do your work. It will make everyone happier.

Yes, I understand there are limitations to rearranging your schedules. Maybe you have to share the yard with another classroom. Work with the other teachers and director to see if something can be worked out. The most important thing, however, is to make sure that you hit all the areas and times that you need to have; but you also serve the children's needs.

Do you have a question about your group that you might need help with? Leave a comment!

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