Book of the Week-Icky Sticky Frog

The Icky Sticky Frog by Dawn Bentley and illustrated by Salina Yoon is one of my personal favorites! Dawn Bentley has a line of "icky sticky" books (all with different illustrators). It's not just the illustrations that captivate me in this book; although the help. It's a fun book for young children. The pictures are great! Super sized animals!

What is great about this story is that it is VERY repetitive; and the repetitive lines are engaging and bouncy! The children love it! I love it! It's a great book! I was shocked at the end of the book, but the children seem to be fine with it so I'm okay with it. It's just very surprising how it ends. I totally didn't expect it!

The one downfall of the book is that sticky tongue that is on the front of the book gets stretched out and ruined pretty quickly in the classroom. I hear it is the same at home as well. The fly is gone after two uses, and eventually the tongue goes too. But, while the tongue is still connected, it is very fun! While the tongue is still connected it needs to be a teacher directed book; it can become a huge hazard for strangulation.

The other downfall...(say it with me)...there is no picture of the author! None of the illustrator either and I can't find a picture anywhere on line of either. So, if you find one end it my way please and I'll update accordingly.

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