This weekend (the reason for no post) we had a fundraiser: a rummage sale! This was probably one of the best ideas for fundraising. We got parents and staff to donate things for a rummage sale for the past 2 weeks.

Of course, the popular items were clothes; but we got several other great items as well. There was even a table donated! In the end, we made a nice sum of money that will be used for classroom supplies and, most likely, for staff incentives (lunch, food for meetings, bonuses, etc...).

The great bonus in this was finding items that would be great in the classroom. Two things off the top of my head were:

An old typewriter. This will come in great when the classroom is using Click, Clack, Moo by Doreen Cronin. The children will have an actual typewriter to try out!

The second thing that stands out was a great little glass cup, bowl, and plate set made for babies. I'm sure it's purpose was to be decorative but it is very sturdy and will be great in the dramatic play area with the baby dolls.

Overall, it was a great fundraiser! What kind of fundraisers do you do at your centers?

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