Book of the Week-Hey Little Ant

Hey, Little Ant by Phillip and Hanna Hoose (illustrated by Debbie Tilley) is a fun book! There is a song that goes along with it which makes it even more fun. However, even if you don't know the tune (and can't read music) this book is very enjoyable.

Want to teach children to respect animals and others? This is the book. This is a book that will help children develop empathy. What would someone else be thinking or feeling in a situation. This book uses an ant and a boy. The boy would like to step on the ant. The ant, for obvious reasons, doesn't want to be squished. This takes the children through the thought and conversation.

The illustrations by Debbie Tilley are great! They really pull you into the story and make you see things from their perspective. Fabulous!

In the end, what does the boy do? You decide! It's a great way to start conversations. You can also use it to bridge into other situations. Someone being a bully in the classroom. Depending on the child's development (social, lanuage, empathy) this may be a great book for them.

I can say that this book has a powerful effect. I even stopped myself from squishing an ant on the patio banister the other day! Phillip and Hannah Hoose really hit on something great here! And the pictures by Debbie Tilley.

There is a picture on the books protective cover of Phillip and Hannah, but not of Debbie. I couldn't find a picture of Debbie. I did find a closer picuture of Phillip and Hannah that would be great to display for the children. If anyone has or can find a picture of Debbie Tilley, send it this way and I'll post it as well.

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