They got suishy soft diapers!

The are absolutely adorable! I never would have consciously ordered them on my own, but for about $23, they are awesome! The other day I got the urgent call: "You need to order $300 dollars worth of toddler toys by tomorrow before 8 am or we're going to lose this grant." Note: It was 5:00 at night and we were already closed, I was standing at my husbands center and quickly flipped through their catalog to do the order.
As I flipped through, I saw these large wooden animals with what looked like, to me, squishy bottoms. I figured: wooden, animals, block play, soft bottoms would be good for texture...let's try it! I am so glad I did. I got them today and when I opened them up you'll never believe it: IT'S A DIAPER ON EACH ANIMAL!!!
That's right! I fluffy little diaper that matches each animal. They each have a tail sewn on too making it even cuter! Now, I don't figure on the diapers sticking around for long; but maybe they will since I have a teacher in the toddler room that is very good at teacher the children to be responsible with their toys. But, even without the squishy bottoms, they are very sturdy solid wood and look like they will last a long time.
What is the best thing that you have purchased without knowing how great it really is?

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