My adventure for today

I'm going to break from my typical post to tell you about my day...because it is very pertinent to what this blog is about.

Less than a month ago, I created a series of posts about the DRDP-r and the process that we go through to be successful in using this tool. I hope that it was helpful to all of you.

Today I went to an "input session" where I got to view the DRDP-r2 (yes there is another edition in the works) and discuss what we like and don't like about the current edition and what we like or don't like about the up coming edition. Oh, and after this version, there will most likely be a DRDP-r3.

It is difficult to adjust to new changes; I understand this. But I also know that in perfecting a system, some bugs need to be ironed out and that is just what they are doing.

By the way, on a side note, I would like to welcome anyone from that meeting who have found their way to this site. It was great talking to you today and hearing how your centers and classrooms use this tool and collect documentations.

Now, back to the DRDP. In my opinion, they made HUGE improvements from the DRDP to the DRDP-r. It definitely became more user friendly and much easier to navigate. And again, in my opinion, they are making huge strides in this again with the r2.

What I really like about this assessment system: it is meant to be used as a tool in creating quality classrooms. As opposed to filling it out and putting it on a shelf like so many others.

I also understand the teachers' frustrations in the length of time it takes when getting started and at the marks when they have to be completed again. If only all centers and agencies saw the importance and key elements of this tool and allowed for proper time for the teachers to get these completed in an appropriate fashion: time to work on it outside the classroom, tools to collect the documentation, etc...

So, for those of you who went today, what did you think?
For those of you who didn't and use the DRDP, what do you think of the tool as you know it now.

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