Toothbrush holder

We are taking just a quick break today from our lesson to talk about this fabulous product. Everyone should be teaching the children to brush their teeth. We do it everyday after lunch. If a child wants to brush after breakfast, we do encourage it; but they must brush after lunch. This product allows you to put this up on the wall where they can access it on their own. You can also purchase a screen cover s that it is protected from the dust and stuff that is floating around them. The children are able to find their name and toothbrush, get it, use it, and return it all on their own. They are very sturdy and last forever! Then again, there isn't alot that we ask out of this product; only to hold toothbrushes quietly on the wall.
A few notes about toothbrushing in the classroom:
We don't use toothpaste. You don't need to. The purpose of brushing teeth is to get the food particles off the teeth. This makes it a task that doesn't need much supervision.
When children first start, we go over proper toothbrushing practices and help them learn the right way to do it. Do they sometimes just stand at the sink sucking water? Yes. That's okay. We just tell them, "Okay, you're done. Put your brush away."
We don't do it for them. The idea is to teach them independance. Besides, there are too many children to try and help each one. We leave the intense brushing for the parents at home.
We don't push the issue. If they really don't want to, we don't make them. This is something that we want them to make a part of their routine: I eat, I brush. We don't want to make it a chore.
When I was first told that we needed to brush teeth, I was intimidated and thought that this was going to be a very time consuming event that was not going to end pretty. Now I have seen that it really isn't. We have made a very simple routine after lunch. The children ask to be excused (may I be excused please?) and the teacher responds, "Yes you may. Go scrape your plate, stack your things, and don't forget to brush your teeth." And they do it!
So, do you brush teeth at your center? Is so, how do you handle it? If not, what is your reluctance?


Anonymous said...

and where can you find this product

Jenni said...

The one pictured is from Lakeshore (www.lakeshorelearning.com)

But you can find various types at Discount School Supply as well as, if you do a search, there are some companies that just distribute toothbrushes and holders.