Preschool Slideshows

As I have recieved many inquiries about slideshows for preschools and preschool graduations and all sort of things, I am including a "sort of" copy of the slideshow I will be including at our graduation carnival. Yes, the pictures are smudged for obvious reasons. But you can hear the good music that I have decided on for the background, and the genreal idea of the type of shots I used.

A few notes:

I try and take a variety of pictures with 1-3 children in a shot.

This year we were able to have children's pictures from the start of their time here and I put this slideshow together pretty much chronologically until I got to the last half of this year.

I had some "filler" shots that include larger groups that you maybe can't quickly recognize your child, but I needed a few more slides.

Depending on the number of children depends on the number of shots. I spliced together the two songs and then went from there as to the number of slides I would be able to put in. Each child has no fewer than 2 no more than 4 slides. You can't make an exact number as some children as in every group shot and others are in hardly any. I did have to take out some of my favorite pictures for the reason that I had a few children who would have been in 15-20 slides if I hadn't taken them out; they are just that social.

It does take time to put together; I have worked on this a few hours a day over the last month. I would say I probably put in a good 20-25 hours on it. But I make it easy on myself as I have a great system throughout the year as I collect pictures on my computer, I save copies into a "slideshow" file. When it comes time to complete, I go through this file first and determine which children I still need pictures for and go back into each child's file of pictures to get what I need.

The longest part is putting them together in a decent order so that no child is in a row of three slides and that there is a good mix

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