Book of the Week-Shark Trouble

This weeks book is a classroom favorite: Shark Trouble by Sam Lloyd (illustrated by Jack Tickle). If you are an animated reader and can improvise in a sing-song voice, this is going to quickly become a favorite. The previous title (Yummy yummy food for my tummy) is the repeated line throughout. Of course the child children will enjoy shouting along with you as the sharks come "YUMMY! YUMMY! FOOD FOR MY TUMMY!" They quickly memorize this book, or at least the idea on each page. The children love sitting down and playing teacher read it to their friends. This is one of the best books to spark that interest in reading and literacy. This is one of the first books I introduce at the beginning of the school year and it stays on the shelf throughout the year...and yes the pages are tapes together so many times because of the use it gets (not the abuse, but the use).

Now, unfortunately I can't find a picture of the author to share with you or the illustrator. If you find one let me know so I can put it up!

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