Drying Racks

Having a place for children to put their art work to dry is important. The type you get is also important. Last year we got one of these. We had opened a new classroom and so had ordered it for that room. We have had lots of problems with it. The racks have never fit right, they are constantly falling through to the next level and it has been real unstable. I thought it was the cart itself. However, I have since discovered that the person who put it together (it comes unassembled) did a poor job of it. (note: for other reasons, she is no longer working for us). How did I discover this? Well, my supervisors were kind enough to order new drying racks for two of my classrooms who have been having to share (now they have their own). It was very nice of them; but I was disappointed that they chose this same one. Still, I had another teacher assemble it and it is very sturdy, very well put together, and has no problems. The children are able to pull each rack out if necessary to be able to reach to the far back to place items in there. Each shelf is the perfect size for a full easel paper to lay flat on.
I strongly believe that these are the type of drying racks that are necessary in a classroom. The children need to be able to lay their artwork flat to dry. Why? Have you tried one of these? The paint/glue/everything just ends up sliding right off. Plus it changes their work. Have you ever had a child use an entire bottle of glue on one piece of paper to put two feathers on? Process not product! These drying racks don't allow for that. However, the one we have does. If you asked me 6 months ago, I would have told you to buy a different sturdier item. But my mind has been changed. Now I am going to tell you to go ahead and get this one; just have someone who knows what they are doing put it together.
It's lightweight and mobile. We are able to pull it close to the activity table during an activity so the children don't have to walk all the way across the room with drippy painting. Then we (or the children) can easily roll it right back to the art area. Papers easily slide onto the racks and there is plenty of room. It's great!

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