Are your children patriotic? Mine are! I am proud of the fact that every day out children in every classroom say the pledge of allegiance. I found these flags at the Dollar Tree last year:

They all had smaller flags in the classroom before this, but these are awesome! They are big enough that they have a prominent place in each classroom. By the time the children go to kindergarten, they have memorized the pledge of allegiance, and know what our flag stands for. We foster pride in our country with the children; which I think is very important.
I went in today and on of the children had a smaller flag on a stick that he was responsible for holding for the flag salute, he knew exactly how to hold it properly and with respect. When on of the other children took it from him and started banging it on the ground, you should have heard the rest of the class. I didn't need to stop him and teach him respect for our flag; the rest of the children did this for me. I'm proud of them.
Every year at our graduation activities (we have a carnival) we start off by gathering everyone together and doing the pledge of allegiance and a patriotic song. This is how every important event should begin in the USA. I have had aunts and friends who attend this event beg me to enroll their children the next year because "I can't believe you teach them the pledge of allegiance. That is so important. I want my child to come here next year." Since the first comment about 3 years ago, I make sure that it is a prominent part of out program.
So, I challenge you to do the same. Goodness knows that children now aren't learning a lot of patriotism, lets get them started young. I have also recently purchased some posters of important American landmarks (the White House, Congress, etc...). My children are Proud to be Americans...are yours?
Send me some pictures or tapes of your classes being patriotic. I'll post them up here.

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