Homemade Fridays- Favorite songs

We have discs upon discs of music to play in the classroom. And, like any other CD collection, each disc only has about 1 or 2 songs that the children enjoy listening to. The children will ask over and over for the same song, and completely ignore the rest of the disc.
Then there are the parents who come to you and say "What's that song about a dog?" or "How does that waddle song go?" or "Do you sing something about a bee named wally? And you have to guess that they mean Oh I want to be a dog, or waddelee acha, or willabee wallabee.
So, I had a coworker once who solved all these problems...and more. She made a collection on one disc of the classroom favorites. It was great to have in the classroom! It was the only disc that the children listened to the whole things and you never had to skip over or repeat songs because they couldn't wait to hear the next one too! She also made copies and gave it to the parents so that they would know what the songs actually were that their children were singing.
A simple idea? Yes! But sometimes you need to use someone elses simple idea to spark it in yourself.

So, what are you classroom favorites?

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