Book of the Week-Where's Wallace

When I was about 3 or 4, I was introduced to Where's Wallace? by Hilary Knight. This book came long before all those search and find books that became so popular with Where's Waldo and I Spy. This is a great book! I used to hide this book in the library when I wasn't allowed to check it out so that no one else to get it before I was back. I loved this book. I still do! It wasn't until I was 6 or 7 that I realized that this was an actual story. The story is on every other page turn. On the other page turns, there is a 2 page layout picture that includes many characters. There is Wallace the oragutange that keeps escaping from the zoo. Then there is the zoo keeper who keeps having to look for him. In addition to a mischievous girl with red bows in her hair, her mother, a baby who thinks he can do big things (like drive a car), a cello player, a relay race runner, a grandma who knits, a huge dog, and so many more. The pictures are what really draws the children in. This is not a circle time book. This is a book that belongs on the shelf in the library area to be looked at and admired. It's great to sit with a child who may need some one on one time with you. It's what I call a "lap time" book. If someone just needs some get away from the classroom and spend some quality time with the teacher; this is the book for them. It's great! I highly recommend any classroom or home have this in their library!

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