Book of the Week-Busy Toes

This weeks book is a book that I didn't know that we had in our personal library until just this week. What's great about getting married to another preschool teacher is that you book library gets expanded. Anyway, I am in the process of cataloging all our books and ran across this gem. I wish I had known we had this. Busy toes by CW Bowie. It is fabulous! Very few words on each page make it great for a child as young as a toddler or crawler even. It is so engaging, however, that even the older preschooler will love to read it. They will also be able to "read" it on their own (through memorizing the word). It's a fascinating book about all the things that toes, and feet, do. This book is great for a child who is learning to label body part; but it can also be used for the older child in curriculum: what other things can your toes do? What would be really fun is to take pictures of their feet doing different things. Then they could do some painting or drawing with their toes (drawing toes are in the book). I would then use those paintings as the back drop to each child's toe picture. With the pictures pasted on the painting, let the child dictate or write the words for a classroom compiled book. It would be so much fun!
Again, the only complaint I have is that there is no author picture, but here you go:
CW Bowie is actually the pen name for Mary Bowman-Kruhm. There's a new vocabulary word for the children: pen name.

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