Book of the Week-The Blue Day

The Blue Day Book for Kids by Bradley Trevor Greive is an absolutly fabulous book! I ran across this book for the first time yesterday as I was inventoring some new books purchased for our center. This book uses photgraphs of animals to illustrate the words; and the pictures are perfect! They are absolutly adorable first off; and I am sure that the animals had to have been posed for these shots they so perfectly go along with the words. Okay, they are definitely not posed, but I am still trying to figure out how he captured them so well.

It so happened that yesterday I had a child in the center who was very blue. So blue that he was bringing me down! I told him to "Seth, you're making me want to cry. How can I help you?" He was just having one of those blue days. I ran across this book just before I was getting ready to leave, but I had to give it to him. When I went into the classroom he was just standing up in the loft, hand holding his head, still looking blue (he had been in this mood since his drop off 4 hours earlier. I really felt for him. I brought him the book and told him that it might help. He took it over to the assistant teacher to read to him; I only got to stay and watch for the first few pages, but it really seemed to help him.

Now, I don't know the end result of this helping him, but from what I witnessed, it was beginning to help. I know a book isn't going to make all his problems go away; but it might help him learn some ways to cope with it.

This book cheered me up as I was reading it, and I was already in a pretty good mood. I could look at the pictures all day! I would say that this is a book any classroom or parent should have on hand just in case of those blue days...we all have them!

Another plus to this book (can you guess what I'm going to say?) The author's picture is on the inside back cover! BONUS! Of course, I can't find a picture to post here of him, but you won't be needing it as it is already in the book!

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