Book of the week-Parts by Tedd Arnold

Do have a child that worries over things? How about a child who likes to play with words? How about a child who just loves to read books? Are you doing a parent workshop of parenting skills or talking with children? Well, this book is perfect for all of those. This book is great fun to read! The rhyming and rhythm of this book is part of its charm. Tedd Arnold is a great children author. He is one of the authors that I have a collection of, I have a copy of every book he has written. I love all of them. I do have to say that "Parts" is one of my favorites. He also did a great follow up in "More Parts" and "Even more parts". "Parts" focuses on things that children come upon in every day life that may scare them. I had a child in my classroom who freaked out when he got a small cut on his finger. This book was great in helping him calm down. This book has done a fabulous job of making scary things not so scary anymore.
The follow up book "More parts" is also great for talking about the nuansces of lanugage. It talks about a "broken heart". To us, not so bad, to a child who doesn't have enough experience in the world..that can be a very scary image! These are great books to pull out for those children who may be worried about something or who have misunderstood something someone has said.
Again, the only thing I would encourage Tedd Arnold to do differently would be to add a picture of himself on the cover. I love to see those authors!

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