Classroom Cameras

If you do any sort of on going assesment on the children (we use the DRDP-r) then you must have a digital camera. We are currently in the process of purchasing new ones for each classroom. In the meantime, we are using my personal camera. It's an Aiptek. It's very nice. The pictures look much better on the computer than they do on the camera itself; so I have learned to just shoot pictures and video and go back later to make delete from the computer. The zoom is excellent; I can take pictures from a distance without disturbin play. The microphone is decent as well; although at times it can be too sensitive picking up every sound in the room. What's also nice about this camera is that it can be used as a voice recorder (perfect for dictating stories) and it is also an MP3 player. I can download songs to play in the classroom; this is always fun for the children.

If you don't use a camera for assesments, you can always use it to put pictures around the center anyway. I am currently working on a wall of pictures. I will show you what it looks like when I am done. Also, anytime I have a child leavethe center, I put together a quick slideshow on a DVD of all the pictures we took while they were there. This is an invaluable keepsake. It is also invaluable to us to see how the children have grown through their tims with us. Some of the children are here from the beginning. On "graduation" day and open house, I create a slideshow to be shown at the event as well. This goes over very well, we all look forward to it. There are so many programs out there now that make it real imple to put together a slide show. Most of them you can just tell what pictures to use and press go! The teachers also enjoy getting a copy for themselves. We get so attached to these children, it's nice to have something to look back on with fond memories.

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